Ranch animals
The Ark Veterinary Hospital offers the top pet boarding facility in the area, with state-of-the-art facilities and excellent care. We’ve been boarding pets for people for 25 years. All dogs get walked twice daily 365 days out of the year. Those boarded at ranch get exercised twice daily in a large enclosed area around their runs.
Our boarding facility at the hospital is completely enclosed with heat and air conditioning. Pet suites vary in size to as large as 4 feet wide and 9 feet long. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected all day and proper ventilation is maintained. Outside large runs are available at Dr. Bennett’s ranch for active large dogs. Here, at the “Doggie Ranch”, dogs get to be dogs, but treated like guests at a Dude Ranch. Nonstop action and adventure with all the typical Old McDonald Farm Animals. There is even a creek for water lovers to play in. Great for dogs needing lots of exercise daily since they all get to run as fast as they want twice daily in an exercise area. Almost sounds too good to be true. Ask us for special details concerning boarding of birds, ferrets and other exotics.

Feline guests have many large individual cubbies to choose from. If requested, there are private indoor cat runs at the ranch away from dogs. Windows allow view of the wildlife abundant on the hillside.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Early morning drop offs can be prearranged daily. Picking up or dropping off your pet after hours on the weekend is available if prearranged.

Please allow approximately 20 minutes for check-in and check-out procedures. Have the following information ready:

1) Current vaccination record, including Distemper, Rabies, Bordetella for dogs and Feline Distemper and Rabies for cats (must be official documentation from your veterinarian or phone verification). Vaccinations will be given at your expense if not current.

2) A list of any current medications, instruction for giving the medications, medical concerns, or requests. All medication must be in the original labeled container obtained from your veterinarian. Medication will be administered per label instructions only.

3) Any special instructions, such as if your pet is shy with strangers and jumps fences.

4) One emergency number where you or another responsible party can be reached.

5) Daily diet. Boarding animals are fed a premium diet which is included in the boarding fee. Special diets are allowed; however, you must provide the type and quantity to be fed. Special diet requirements should be brought in marked containers with the appropriate amount needed for your pet’s stay.

6) Bedding. Small blankets are allowed, but not crates, cages and large stuffed bedding. Toys can accompany your pet, but please mark your name on all toys and we will do our best to return them to you.

Important Notes:
1)Older pets need special care, so a good padded bed is good for their body. Well written instructions on what and how much they eat and drink daily is essential for monitoring your older pet while boarding.

2) Only at your request will animals be transported, exercised and boarded at the ranch. All dogs boarded at the clinic are exercised twice daily by trotting them down the driveway as part of their twice daily walk. Additional exercise at noon time is available if desired. Don’t worry about the dogs at the Doggie Ranch at noon, they are still resting up from the morning play!

3) For water-loving canines, we have a creek. It’s a great opportunity for your pet to have direct contact with our kennel technicians, play with other pets of like size and temperament, and have fun! All swims are supervised with full-time doggie lifeguards!